Time flies.

I don't know how to operate a spinning wheel.


God makes you healthy, and the doctor gets the money.

Spend your time wisely and you'll always have enough of it.

Everyone believed us.

Thank you for giving this to me.

I wonder why he didn't eat the apple that fell on his head.


I like movies.

What Alexander says is too deep for me.

He wants to kiss her.

My promotion hangs on his decision.

Which fruit is yellow?

I'd like to hang out with you tonight.

You're not supposed to have this key.


Olson died after stepping on a scorpion in the desert.

I'm not sure, but I think I know where to go.

Believe in us as the flowers do in rain.

Let's help Isabelle.

You forgot to turn off the light.

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You're considerate, but don't you think you should work a little more at understanding the subtleties of the human mind?

Terri would help you if you asked him to.

Ken had nothing else to lose.

Hazel couldn't understand Jingbai at all.

He gave me a curt answer.


I finished off one half of the pizza and wrapped the other half in aluminum foil and put it in the fridge.

The food here is terrible.

Most, if not all, people enjoy eating.

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The last card is mine.

I'll go find another one.

Thank you, Einstein.


He gave me this book.


The accident was caused by a fault in the refrigeration system of the appliance.


I think you can solve this problem on your own.

It is no use trying to talk him out of his plan.

Someone is lying.

You tortured a prisoner.

Can you at least try?


English is my native language.

Paul went to a classical music festival.

He used to get up early.

I've always liked you.

I get a kick from diving.

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Are you taking notes?


The earth revolves on its axis once every 24 hours.

I want you to close your eyes.

It was good if the lie wasn't added to him.

I wouldn't have dreamt of it.

The criticism was trenchant but fair.

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They made huge, grotesque, yet beautiful poles of red cedar.

I don't know why that's hard to believe.

I need more gold.

I got hungry.

They have an extra bed.


The population of Japan is larger than that of Britain.

Myron knew precisely how Oliver felt.

Do you prefer meat or fish?

Naoto didn't tell me about this place.

You're scared of being hurt, aren't you?


He woke up from his sleep.


Ken caught Radek.

Pantelis is average height.

It was relatively quiet.

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Presley was almost run over by a dump truck.

I don't want to keep doing this.

Damon fell down on the floor.


This failure saddens me.

I've always wanted to learn to cook like you.

Izumi knew that something was wrong.

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We all want to know why.

She soon adjusted herself to the new school.

Come on, Mickey, we don't have all day.


Arne knows all about Kolkka's financial problems.

Hey there, good looking!

I understand you have some questions.

Before we get started, I'd just like to say a few words about how important this job is.

I'm supposed to track someone down.

Suresh enjoyed cycling.

Tend to your own affairs.

I kind of wandered over to Sunset for a drink.

Never stay away from school without good cause.


You need to rest now.

Daren is a kindergarten teacher.

Little Kay is really with the Snow Queen, but he finds everything there so much to his taste and his liking, that he believes it is the finest place in the world; but this is because he has a piece of broken glass in his heart, and a little piece of glass in his eye. These must be taken out, or he will never be a human being again, and the Snow Queen will retain her power over him.

Try to look ahead.

Your number doesn't answer.


I was hoping to talk to you about what needs to be done.


Did Joel tell you we were leaving tomorrow?

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I will wait for a week.


The temperature is below zero today.

The days are dragging slowly by.

The other guest did this.

There are some obvious concerns.

Do you think he made that mistake on purpose?

Send me a copy.

God knows that it is true.

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The action took place in a mountain village.

For some reason the microphone wasn't working until now.

You should get to know Rand.

Are you having a bad day?

Yesterday morning I ate a waffle.

I'm sure Tuna will do what we ask him to do.

He sat silently with his legs crossed.


I need time to think about it.

Is he anything like handsome?

Never give up on love.

I'm fussy.

The Russian goalkeeper was struck by a laser pointer.


Claudio helps me in French.

Nobody's busy.

Mann can't have it.

He wanted female companionship.

I should've been able to do more.

He spared no pains to help me.

I'm very serious about this.

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There's been a burglary.


Leigh is unhappy about it.

You've already seen it, I think.

Werner can't write French without making mistakes.

A light rain was falling.

Organic food tastes better.

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He was after the first prize.

I have to go to the mosque.

I want to leave as soon as I can.

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There were a great many boys and girls in the park.

Tidying up is great, but it has the downside that one can never find anything afterwards!

I'm not safe here.


This tropical island has beautiful white sand beaches lined with palm trees.

The soldiers forced the young men to join the army.

I don't feel sorry for her.

We are living in the age of nuclear power.

Dr. Mae Jemison became the first African-American woman to enter space.

It's even worse than it was before.

That car is the most beautiful of the three.


I need to get this done.

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He repaired the broken window of my house.

Isn't buying paintings for the office a little frivolous?

Neighbourly relations are necessary for success.

That would be amazing.

"How long does it take to get to Vienna on foot?" "Sorry, I'm a stranger here."

I've got something in my eye.

When's the wedding?


The broken leg isn't Mat's biggest problem.

I don't think I'll ever sound like a native speaker no matter how much I try.

It was so cold that he was shivering.


Charlene certainly knows more about this than I do.

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Tuesday was certainly cold.

Moran advised Rahul to go to the police.

Monica couldn't tell what Annard was thinking.


Who's your teacher?

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What causes that?

There is more water than is needed.

Don't compare yourself to Val.

It's only a matter of time before we find the thief.

We are always looking for new volunteers.

You'll miss him.

Should you have settled the account since this mail was written, please ignore our reminder.


What was so valuable?


It's just two miles to the town.